miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Bangkok, Mong-Lan.

Esteban Moore, Mong-Lan, Alfred Corn, Bar La Poesía, Buenos Aires 2010.

BANGKOK [neon lights]

O the orchids of Bangkok!
O the luxuriant ladyboys, their devilish seductive smiles
O the decadence, the freedoms of Bangkok!
your serpentine ways
into another unawares our embrace defined night-days
one thinks in embraces

young girls from the village pretend to be go-go girls
naked from waist up
city girls completely naked
Go-go girls dancing like embarrassed sardines
in the lady-boy club an effervescent pretend land . . .
Miss Brazil, Miss Mexico,
Miss France, Miss Singapore, surgically amplified.

in another bar
birds breathless up cunts,
ping pong balls inserted, being thrown out
birds flying out of cunts
needles & needles being pulled out of cunts.
a whole string of sharp needles
razors being pulled out a whole string
of razors being pulled out.

-- Mong-Lan

from The Antioch Review, Winter 2005, v. 63, no. 1

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