miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Poem. Kornelijus Platelis

K.P., E.M., Rosario, Argentina.

Kornelijus PLATELIS
Translated from the Lithuanian
by Jonas Zdanys


Then, perhaps in spring, the gardens blooming, their fruits
ripening in imaginations and chafing with stiff rinds,
with eyes herding soft clouds that evoke things,
they drew near. I held my soul in my hand,
shaped like a heavenly fruit,
the hologram of the apple reflecting in their eyes,
and extended it to her who was both blossom and fruit.
And she accepted my gift, and let me glorify
her divinity, having burned in my heart images filled
with wonder and pushing myself through people,
and I venerated her, filling my words
with all the emotion I had. The rivals
smiled bewitchingly. And she set me
free and gave me the woman I longed for.

And there were no wars, because it was only my soul,
one among many, not especially significant,
but filled with fascination and empty of features.

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